Meditation classes in São Paulo

ROSE Jharna Kala colorWe have been offering meditation classes in São Paulo since 1997. We do this as a continuation of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy’s (1931-2007) service to mankind. He tirelessly worked to bring about peace and for the fulfilment of the human spirit’s unlimited capacities. In accordance with his teachings all our offerings are free of charge. His inspiration to those seeking a higher meaning in life continues through his teachings, example and spiritual consciousness. We hope to share whatever we have received through our practices with you.


The very quest for truth

Is not only challenging and gratifying

But also illumining and fulfilling.

– Sri Chinmoy


 Learn to meditate in São Paulo

If you are interested in taking part in one of our introductory courses, please contact us through the phone numbers in our contact page.

Some of the topics in our classes

  • the ABCs of Meditation: breathing, concentration, posture, etc
  • Concentration and meditation exercises
  • How to use music for meditation
  • Singing mantras as a spiritual exercise
  • The role of a spiritual Master
  • The importance of group practice
  • Sport and meditation
  • The quest: finding happiness, finding fulfilment, finding yourself

The Sri Chinmoy Centre

The Sri Chinmoy Centre in São Paulo, Brazil offers free workshops in meditation, suitable both for beginners and those more experienced. We also offer translations of Sri Chinmoy’s books, participate in athletic events such as marathons and meet internationally with our worldwide Centres. In accordance with Sri Chinmoy’s own practice, all of our activities are free of charge.

Sri Chinmoy’s is a philosophy of acceptance and transcendence of life as well as of diving deep within to discover the complete potential of the human soul. He himself demonstrated this vividly, in his pursuit of meditation, service to the United Nations, music, sports, literature, humanitarian activities and art.


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